Background: MC Method & Thermodynamic Modelling

To address challenges related to refuelling with compressed hydrogen, an analytical method has been developed by Honda, called MC Method. This approach allows a hydrogen station to directly and accurately calculate an end-of-fill temperature in a hydrogen tank and thereby maximize the fill quantity and minimize the refuelling time. MC represents total heat capacity. The MC Method incorporates a set of thermodynamic parameters for the tank system that is used by the station in a simple analytical equation along with measured values of dispensed hydrogen temperature and pressure at the station. Because the MC Method is based on direct measurements of actual thermodynamic conditions at the station, and quantified thermodynamic behaviour of the tank system, highly accurate tank filling results can be achieved.

The HyTransfer project is based on the implementation of a simple model predicting gas and wall temperature to determine the amount of cooling required to avoid exceeding the temperature limit, and on the specification of cooling energy, rather than a fixed pre-cooling temperature. 

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